Indigenous Engagement

MarchNet is committed to working with, engaging and supporting the Indigenous communities throughout our projects. We liaise with traditional owners and build relationships to ensure we meet and deliver on agreed expectations.

Our Indigenous Engagement Policy outlines how we will work with traditional owners, and look at opportunities of employment, education and training, while maintaining strong relationships to achieve mutual benefit.

MarchNet creates value by connecting people in remote places. Our clients are able to conduct business in remote places using quality, timely and affordable remote telecommunications services. They are also able to provide remote workers with high speed, reliable internet access which is increasingly important for their social and emotional wellbeing.

MarchNet aspires to be a leader in Indigenous Engagement, and is committed to building strong relationships with Indigenous communities.

MarchNet will develop partnerships with Indigenous people and any relevant traditional land owners in our coverage areas to achieve sustainable outcomes for Indigenous people and communities. Our approach will be characterised by effective two-way communication and consultation.

Specifically, MarchNet will endeavour to:

  • Improve the understanding of each other’s concerns and aspirations through meaningful consultation.
  • Promote employment, education and training opportunities for Indigenous people.
  • Understand the responsibilities Indigenous people have to their traditional culture and assist in developing processes that allow for partnerships without hindering that responsibility.
  • Assist Indigenous people in identifying positive economic development opportunities and, if appropriate, work towards developing and implementing partnerships.
  • Develop and implement appropriate Indigenous awareness courses to assist employees to gain an understanding of local culture.
  • Provide a working environment that is culturally sensitive and supportive for all employees.
  • Engage personnel with expertise in working with Indigenous people when coordinating training and deployment to our project sites.

This policy will be reviewed and updated at least once annually, in consultation with staff and other stakeholders as necessary to continually improve our engagement with Indigenous people and traditional land owners. This policy will be made freely available to the public.